Arabian Days | Sintra, Portugal - Ana Caetano




I’ve always loved this pic. 

I find this is what I would utterly adore more than anything in the world, in this very moment.

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Honest Brand Slogans By Clif Dickens

Branding is all about good company image and great customer feedback. However, even the biggest brands have some qualities, which do not exactly enhance their brand’s value. That’s why Clif Dickens thought of a unique way how to make fun of global brands, replacing their original slogans with something a little bit more honest.

The brilliancy of his work is in its simplicity: by putting things that people already know about these brands next to their logos, they seem even more true. Nonetheless, the brands remain at the top and we get a good laugh at them, a win-win situation for everyone!

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I’m so excited for this video!

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@charlieXCX at SXSW 2013

Boom Clap 
You make me feel good.
Come on to me, come on to me now.

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